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I'm writing to you because I have what I consider 3 gifts for you. And then the words come to mind: always look a gift horse in the mouth - meaning the horse is likely to be an old horse. And yes, my first 2 gifts - gifts of truth - are old gifts.

But only a very few people have had the information. I did not.

So, my first gift: a revised version of World War II - with many truths added, facts long suppressed by influential people in the West - political people, media people - Communists and pro-Communists - infiltrators and home-grown. The basic truth: the West did not win World War II. Stalin did. He got the Eastern European countries he wanted. The West lost, over and over - when it could have won - but it gave massive material support to Russia, instead of, for instance, to British and American troops stranded in the Far East. In Europe, it did not continue the sane winning campaign that Churchill wanted - a successful offensive through Italy - which would have ended the war a year or two earlier, saving millions of lives, and keeping Eastern Europe out of Stalin's clutches. Instead British and American troops were dislocated to northern France, due to Stalin's influence, to give Russia the time to invade Eastern Europe, Austria and Germany. For thousands more facts along these lines, read Diana West's American Betrayal.

In the meantime, some more unsavory facts.

Many of us know that, from 1933 to 1939, Chamberlain appeased Hitler. Churchill tried to warn Britain that this would not work. Chamberlain stayed in power and kept appeasing Hitler, while Hitler broke his word over and over again.

Here's something I didn't know, had never heard of. There was another appeaser - far worse than Chamberlain. Churchill had to face this appeaser after he finally replaced Chamberlain, took over as prime minister of England. The mega-appeaser: FDR, the American president for 16 long years.

Chamberlain appeased Hitler while Hitler was on the rise, most of his atrocities in the future. FDR appeased Stalin after, for instance, the Communist-caused famine in the Ukraine. Seven MILLION deaths (1932-1933). This monstrous atrocity had been reported in the West - including with eye witness accounts - by a few major journalists. The accounts were of course subsequently minimized by the pro-Communist forces in the press and government - but the reports existed.

FDR continually appeased Stalin, no matter how often Stalin broke his word. A minor instance of appeasement: after the end of WW II, there were, most likely, about 20,000 American soldiers and 10,000 British soldiers held in Soviet-controlled areas. FDR did send one strongly worded letter to Stalin asking for their release. No American or British prisoners of war were released. And FDR shut up.

By the way, there is no way Russia would have won WW II without massive American aid to Russia, in a program with the deceptive name of Lend Lease. It was actually Give Give. American lives were lost when American ships were sunk transporting the massive amounts of equipment (and even butter) to Russia, while Singapore (with American and British residents and troops) fell due to lack of any reinforcements.

What side, one can ask, was FDR on? Not on the American side.

Do I have any other information for you? How about: there were a number of documented proposals to end the war, from 1942 on, made by high-ranking anti-Nazi Germans to American officials, to be sent to FDR. The lives of millions of British and American and Russian soldiers would have been saved. So would millions of Jewish lives - the death camps only went into action in 1942. Plus, the massive destruction of German cities would have been averted. Over and over, there was no response whatsoever to the proposals by anti-Nazi Germans (most of whom ended up murdered by Hitler).

Why no response? Stalin wanted Eastern Europe and an utterly destroyed Germany. What evil Stalin wanted, evil Stalin got - with the support of FDR, usually over the objections of Churchill. Churchill was frequently apoplectic, according to information cited by Diana West. Small wonder. It sounds as if Churchill actually wanted to win the war and end it.

Is there one particularly monstrous horror condoned by FDR the Appeaser? Perhaps the forced repatriation of between two and four MILLION Russians - including Russian soldiers who had enlisted to fight against Stalin, and Russian prisoners of war. FDR and Churchill forced them to return to Russia, even as American and British prisoners of war were being kept by Stalin. Some of the Russians committed suicide, rather than enduring repatriation. They knew death awaited them. Some injured themselves severely, to be unable to travel. Their injuries did not save them from repatriation. Some Russians had to be beaten unconscious so they could be forced to return to Communist Russia.

And after all this, at the Nuremberg trials, Communist Russia, the blood of millions on its hands, sat in judgment over Nazi atrocities - with the Americans and British utterly silent and complicit.

These facts about World War II, and perhaps especially about FDR, link with a revised vision of the West as seriously horrifically Communist-infiltrated. For instance, Harry Hopkins, FDR's unofficial second-in-command (and often the decision-maker) was virtually certainly a Communist infiltrator.

Some of you know this. I did not.

Actually my main concern isn't the Communist infiltration. It's the DECEPTION of the mass of people in the West, the LIES disseminated by the BRAIN-WASHED, BRAIN-WRECKED who believed they were doing this for some GREATER GOOD.

Why does all this matter? Isn't it ancient history? It matters because the betrayal of truth, the denial of facts, has continued on a massive scale. You may have noticed the current mainstream cry that Clinton's defeat was due to the supposedly fake news put out by Fox and alternative sources - after the ongoing pro-Clinton mainstream media bias was not enough to get her elected. This is the usual pro-Communist, pro-Islam, pro-political correctness tactic: name-calling and reversal. It needs to be rooted out.

And that's the end of my first gift:

New Facts about World War II. Britain and US Lost the War due to FDR the Appeaser. Churchill livid. Stalin delighted.

For much much more, read Diana West's American Betrayal.

My second gift. The underlying reason WHY Communism keeps leading to horrific dictatorships: the HOW of Communism. That's coming next time.

In the meantime, all the best to all who care and dare,

And happy holidaying - Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice and on.


PS. "And the truth shall set you free." A huge task is setting the truth free, so it can free us!!

PPS. Anything else from American Betrayal I'd like to share? I had no idea about the massive scale of Communist infiltration. I had, like everyone, heard of the opposite: the oppression of anyone with Communist sympathies by crazy bigots: Red-baiters, McCarthyites. I had not suspected that, when one looks at what the so-called Red-baiters have to say - as when one looks at what so-called Islamophobes have to say - one sees a world one isn't supposed to see, a world dangerous to the West. So many horrors - like the massacre of 20,000 Polish officers by Russian Communists during World War II - one sees that only when one pushes aside the official story, that this was done by Nazis. Lies upon lies, pushed upon people of the West.

PPPS. Yes, there's one more thing I will share, from American Betrayal: it's likely Pearl Harbor happened only because Communist infiltrators in positions of power in the American government manouvered Japan into making the attack.



A few days ago, I sent out this revised history of World War II. Lots of comments, including one from someone who totally disagreed, and a brief one from Bill Warner of Political Islam who agreed. In general, thank you for all the comments, all the information - all the pulls and tugs to go much further. Diana West brings up the immediate layer just below the surface - re Communist infiltration, most of all. Nothing re banks, bankers, money, causes that go back further than Lenin and Stalin.

For me, the most powerful comment was a suggestion that I look at Hal Colebatch's Australia’s Secret War: How Unions Sabotaged Our Troops in World War II:

Between 1939 and 1945 virtually every major Australian warship, including at different times its entire force of cruisers, was targeted by strikes, go-slows and sabotage. Australian soldiers operating in New Guinea and the Pacific Islands went without food, radio equipment and munitions, and Australian warships sailed to and from combat zones without ammunition, because of strikes at home. Planned rescue missions for Australian prisoners-of-war in Borneo were abandoned because wharf strikes left rescuers without heavy weapons. Officers had to restrain Australian and American troops from killing striking trade unionists.

Whose side were the strikers on? Clearly not on the side of Australia. Most likely not on the side of Nazis. Perhaps they were on the side of Russia. More research needed.


In reference to unions in war - our Australian unions raised their ugly heads again during the Vietnam War as referenced here:
In my lifetime Marxists have attempted to sabotage our war fighting capability and actively and directly helped our enemy.
During my deployment in South Vietnam 1968/69 a batch of hand grenades was sabotaged by some cretin in Australia who fitted instantaneous fuses instead of 5.5 second fuses to the ones he assembled in our Lithgow Arms Factory in NSW with the result that a soldier in the war zone threw a grenade at the enemy on the battlefield and the grenade exploded in his hand instantaneously when he pulled the pin preparatory to throwing it. He died. Other men nearby were injured. Therefore I never again carried another M26 hand grenade on patrol in the jungle. This incident is one of the factors that led me to modify a standard rifle to fit a 40mm grenade launcher beneath the barrel of my rifle instead. In a roundabout way he did me a favour by alerting me to Marxist viciousness against their own countrymen.
Also during my deployment we located an underground hospital operated by our enemy in our area of operations in the jungle. When it was searched the searchers found medical supplies proudly labelled as being donated by university students in Melbourne Australia.
Such treason was tolerated by our government of the day without prosecution of the offenders who were aiding and abetting our enemy.
On one of my language refresher courses in Australia we students were given an article from Nan Dan (People's Daily Newspaper) which described a visit by an Australian unionist to a tractor assembly plant in North Vietnam who also delivered a speech to the workers therein. From the date of the article we could see that This occurred while I was present fighting The enemy in South Vietnam - more treason.
These are real world cases where Marxist forces worked for our enemy not us IN MY LIFETIME and in my experience.

A new faction of the Australian Greens Party has recently formed on the platform to destroy capitalism??????? And this is tolerated?????? Marxist to the core.

Similar incidents I believe occurred with the USA. The most infamous is Jane Fonda who visited a prison in Hanoi and shook hands with a group of "show" captives for the benefit of the media. Each of her countrymen palmed her a note which she took without a beat. Then handed them to the prison guards. All of the prisoners were tortured as a result. One died as a result of his torture. US PW have never liked Jane Fonda as a result. She was never prosecuted. This incident was detailed in one of the books written by a US PW account of his capture as a pilot after being shot down over Vietnam. I forget the particular author. Some names: Colonel Robbie Risner USAF, Commander Denton USN, Lieutenant Alvarez USN. Alvarez was shot down and captured in 1962 and not released until 1973. He was a PW for eleven years, the longest term of all US PW of that war. These books were on our reading list for 1983 as research into how PW were treated in that war so we could use that in our training as interrogators in the real world for our special forces, our pilots, etc

Snakes are everywhere,

There is much work to be done. This problem has not gone away. It has got worse if anything.

N.L., Australia



One of the three most influential books in my life has been Whittaker Chambers' autobiography, "Witness", which if you have not read, you should (lots of fertile ground there for a psychologist, I am sure: Chambers was a brilliant, but tormented, soul).

A letter in I believe the WSJ some 20 years ago has stuck in my mind. It was written by an American veteran of WWII who participated in the repatriation of Russians back to Stalin's hellhole. A woman who was being repatriated exclaimed to him, "I thought you Americans were good". As a young GI, he had no answer for her then, and had none later in life.

But of course, we all know how the truth must be obscured for the GREATER GOOD when the cause is right . . . In recent years, I have concluded that the American people are not worthy of the democracy that the founders of the USA bequeathed them. I don't know what the solution is, but I think it involves restricting the voting franchise in some manner.

One of the books that lies unread on my bookshelf is a book published in the 1930's by a Russian named something like Tchernavakin entitlted, "I Speak for the Silent". The author managed to escape a camp near the Finnish border and published a book in the West about the Gulag. The world was not ready to hear about that until Solzhenitzyn some four decades later. The French Communist Party never recovered from the publication of Solzhenitzyn's magnus opus.

D.L., US


Can you imagine being able to entertain these ideas (about the enormity of Communist infiltration), just a few years ago?

Would you have had an internal censor that would not consider reading that material at all?

I'm most interested in understanding how to affect the change necessary to propel people to be willing to read, hear and see truth, without their brainwashing getting in the way.

S.M., US

My response:

Excellent question! Maybe if we expore our own "de-brainwashing" we will learn a lot about what works best.


Smedley Butler, summed it all up very well in a small booklet he wrote after WW1, and before WW2, but no one listened. I’ve read the book. It’s title is, War Is A Racket. It’s quite revealing to those who want to know why we fought some recent wars.

K.P., US


Did you know that, among his other treacherous acts, FDR knew about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing? If you want to read a gripping, short, war-years account of the man who was responsible for getting this info to the Americans, see if you can scare up a copy of "Spy Counterspy" by Dusko Popov. Popov is the agent Ian Fleming based his James Bond character on.

And did you know that Hitler unconditionally surrendered a full year before it was accepted, but the Allies carpet bombed the farms, homes, companies, etc.

WHY? So that the lending institutions could charge interest on loans to rebuild the country.

In other words, while FDR was appeasing Stalin in ensuring the war would continue until Stalin got what he wanted, there was someone / some force even higher than Stalin and FDR - the bankers.

Bankers cannot make money unless there are places to lend, at interest.....and war creates a high market for money.

Cicero had it right. His words live on: There is much treason from within our halls of power.

Also read: Churchill, Hitler and "The Unnecessary War": How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World. By Patrick Buchanan

Here's a bit about it:

Among the British and Churchillian blunders were:

• The secret decision of a tiny cabal in the inner Cabinet in 1906 to take Britain straight to war against Germany, should she invade France
• The vengeful Treaty of Versailles that mutilated Germany, leaving her bitter, betrayed, and receptive to the appeal of Adolf Hitler
• Britain’s capitulation, at Churchill’s urging, to American pressure to sever the Anglo-Japanese alliance, insulting and isolating Japan, pushing her onto the path of militarism and conquest
• The 1935 sanctions that drove Italy straight into the Axis with Hitler
• The greatest blunder in British history: the unsolicited war guarantee to Poland of March 1939—that guaranteed the Second World War
• Churchill’s astonishing blindness to Stalin’s true ambitions. 

Certain to create controversy and spirited argument, Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War” is a grand and bold insight into the historic failures of judgment that ended centuries of European rule and guaranteed a future no one who lived in that vanished world could ever have envisioned.

T.L.B., US


Dear Elsa.

Thank you for this particular comment.

I have been a boy during the war, in Czechoslovakia, and have seen and heard all kind of things. I remember most of them, and your comments are dead on.

One detail that may interest you, when US Army entered the country, at a location called PLZEN , General Patton wanted to continue at a forced advance, as Prague (Praha) was calling for help to avoid systematical destruction of the city by the German troops. While the distance is about two hours of driving, under the existing situation Patton expected to reach Prague within 48 hours.

It would have been the United States and not Russia, who "liberated" Czechoslovakia.

By whichever rules, Patton reported his intentions to the headquarters and WAS ORDERED NOT TO ADVANCE !

Thus the American Army was camping in Plzen, while the Russians were still almost two weeks or so away from Prague. During that time all kinds of disasters have occurred, thousands of people were unnecessarily killed and numerous historical and industrial areas were destroyed by the Germans in retaliation.

The version we had known then was, that prior to the end of the war, at one of the meetings of the Four Powers, it "has been agreed" where the line of contact between the allies would be, and regardless of momentous situations or emergencies, Stalin would NOT PERMIT and the US Government would not override, Americans to advance to save Prague, in order NOT TO LIBERATE MORE TERRITORY THAN AGREED ON.

But what we are learning not only from history but from the current several years, deceit, lies, manipulation, and all the rest of controlling systems seem to be nothing new in the history of the world. And of course, it is conveniently too late to do something effective, not that we would want to or dare to. While undoubtedly there is social and moral progress in our society, the more we "advance" the more people look the other way and don't want to hear the truth, instead of facing situations. I don't need to mention the present intent of invasion and domination of the entire world by Islamics.

You are doing a great job, and while I have never been involved in politics before, and to my regret I know very little about the political history of the world, I occasionally publish some of your work under one of my Facebook "groups", "POSTCARDS FROM EUROPE", "COMMON SENSE FILES", AND "CULTURAL ENRICHMENT DOCUMENTS". Curiously, as you can imagine, not many people dare to make comments.

Be well, and continue what you are doing. It is very valuable, regardless of the absence of guts in our modern society.

I for one am enormously impressed by the Islamic events, and hope, in spite of what we can see right now, that at one point (in the near future) the entire Europe will rise in armed conflict against Islam.

Thank you again,

Commodore George Horak, US


My biggest response to the comments: thank you. They stimulate thinking, learning, revising, expanding what I know.




posted Dec 11, 2016



New Facts about World War II.
Britain and US Lost the War
due to FDR the Appeaser.
Churchill livid. Stalin delighted.

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