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What is happening with the West? And what do we do? Re what's happening, I'm going to start with the past - with what I thought was happening. Then there's the present, with Soros, Saturn, Satan, the Illuminati and more all swirling around.

There are 2 specifics I look at: multi-culturalism vs multiculturalism; and 70's movements of people going nowhere compared to present-day movements like BlackLivesMatter.

I used to believe that things were ever so much simpler - that we were on course for a world with every kind of equality - male-female, racial, sexual orientation, and so on. Then Islam appeared on my horizon. What was this religion which stood, as I learned over and over, against everything I had been brought up to believe was right and good? I had to learn about Islam repeatedly, as I found the truth too hard to believe the first time I heard it. At least as hard to believe was the way the West backed off from facing Islam. What was going on? Political correctness? It took me a long time to believe there could also be Islamic infiltration.

The first step for me was recognizing that something wrong was going on with the massive Islamic over-response to the Danish cartoon, and the massive backing off by the West. The next step was writing about it, and also discussing it in college classes. Sharing what I'm learning has continued to be important to me, as has continuing to learn, and sharing that knowledge as well.

One thing became obvious after a time: it's not just Islam. Islam doesn't explain the BlackLivesMatter movement - where there's an explosion of rage and rioting when a black repeat offender with his gun drawn is shot by a black police officer. It doesn't explain the hordes of Climate Change screamers. It doesn't explain BDS - the boycott, divest and sanction movement against Israel, the only Middle Eastern democracy. It doesn't explain the NeverTrumpers.

Who are these people, what are the forces that movitate them, why do they get favorable write-ups in the media, and why do major mainstream politicians support, cater to and encourage them?

There's a term floating around: political correctness. That doesn't explain the mob rage, the deafness to facts and logic. It also doesn't explain who funds the politically correct. Who are the puppet-masters, in other words?

I've heard many explanations. Everything from Soros, to Saturn (linked to the thesis that the moon is hollow), to Satan (sometimes equated with Soros, sometimes not), Islamic infiltration, Communist infiltration, inappropriate Western guilt, the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Freemasons, the Catholic church, the Jesuits (who, according to one source, created Islam - which, if true, would be quite something for Islamics to have to face).

I'm putting all these theories together, along with sources. When I've finished doing this, I'll send out to you, and you can explore further, if that's your inclination.

I'm not sure exactly what's going on. Many people are much surer than I am. Like everyone, I've heard of millions upon millions of dollars going from Soros to the Clintons. I've also been convinced of the massive impact of infiltration - Islamic (see Stephen Coughlin's Catastrophic Failure) and Communist (see Diana West's American Betrayal). Over and over, I see the impact of money and ideology - and greed. Saudi money and ideology. Soros money and ideology. As for greed, loads of that in many places. (By the way, infiltration costs money, is fueled by ideology and also greed.)

One thought: who's doing what is such a tough question, that it may be better to cut through (like Alexander the Great cut through the Gordian knot) and clear away, rather than to even try to disentangle.

My main focus: what do I do, given my limited knowledge and limited powers? and more generally, what are useful strategies to get the West back on track, with an ever better ethical and justice system?

Trump didn't start by figuring everything out. As far as I can make out, he waded in without knowing many of the ins and outs. In fact, he's been widely faulted for his "open mouth" policy. My sense is that many people are attracted to him because he speaks out and learns while doing.

It's also my sense that we only need to know enough so we can take a next step. (Knowing more is great - but waiting and doing nothing is not, especially not in the long run.)

My many next steps have led me to see brain wrecking as essential to what's going on. Brain wreckage - evident in everything from "all opinions are equal" to BlackLivesMatter to interfaith groups touting Islam as a religion of peace. So I'm trying to get people active in the school systems, to demand that children be taught how to think, rather than indoctrinated.

All the best to you in your own next steps.

I don't try to figure everything out. But I do keep exploring.

Here are 2 recent explorations.


We have had multiculturalism pushed on us - vs multi-culturalism.

I'm from Austria, a remnant of the Austro-Hungarian empire, a multi-cultural empire. The different areas kept their own language and customs (in other words, their culture), but there was one ETHICAL and LEGAL system, based loosely on the Golden Rule. There was also one official language, the German spoken by the educated in Vienna.

As in the rest of the West (of the world!!), there was a lot to improve - like the situation of women, of Jews, of homosexuals. There was also quite a rigid class system. The core point, however, is that while CULTURE was diverse, the ETHICS and LAW were the same throughout the Austro-Hungarian empire. Changes in ethics and law would come through a re-evaluation of what was considered ethical and what therefore should be legal.

More info. Most areas (except for Austria, which had one culture) tended to be not multi-cultural, but bi-cultural (meaning, there was the indigenous culture, and the government culture and language). The empire, however, was multi-cultural.

What is now called multiculturalism is radically different. Western culture is generally denigrated, and other cultures are given more value. Perhaps even more important, multiculturalism generally includes a denial of there being any universal ethics. Thinking logically about ethics has been widely thrown out. Instead relativism is hugely popular (all ethical systems are equal) - though at the same time the BDS movement claims Israel is committing human rights abuses, which does not make sense if all ethical systems are equal and therefore anything any country does is ethical.

This is multiculturalism - NOT multi-culturalism.

A side point re multi-culturalism: of course a culture may defend its continuation, for instance by keeping influx to a level that does not risk its being displaced. One can make a strong ethical case for this.

Multiculturalism does not give space for this.

My general take: "multiculturalism" is another of those nice-sounding terms hiding lots of destructive stuff - like laws against freedom of speech often hide behind terms like "anti-hate speech."

Many thanks to Kenneth Roberts, who recently wrote positively of multiculturalism - which astounded me, as multiculturalism is now generally (and rightly) seen as a destructive force. I soon realized that his positive assessment came from a very different understanding of the term - which I'm labeling multi-culturalism.


A friend sent me a link to some road music from the 60's and 70's.

I was taken aback by the nihilism. There was nothing like:

country roads
lead me home
to the place
I belong


The songs were about not getting tied down, heading away down the open road, being stoned and spaced out. I watched videos of one song after the other. What I saw: posturing musicians, and hordes of fans looking like zombies.

What's so good about heading away, heading nowhere?

What came to mind were the adherents of many current movements - like of BDS (boycott, divest, sanction) against Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East. So much rage in so many directions - against those who question any of the supposed truths about climate change - against anyone who questions what the best strategies are to deal with any climatic changes - against pipelines delivering ethical oil, in favor of less safe oil tankers filled with oil from Islamic countries. I also think of the anti-Semitism that increasingly flows also outside Islamic communities, fueling the exodus of Jews from European countries.

Mindlessness - quite a long history.

I've written about the politically correct of the present, compared them to the zombies from Night of the Living Dead:

How many of the people from the 60's and 70's had actually explored deeply? A minority, I'm sure. How many were followers? Most, I am sure.

It's much easier to destroy than to build, to leave than to construct something better.

One question: is there a link between past nihilistic elements, like the drop-out go-nowhere movement, and present-day movements like BDS and BlackLivesMatter? And if so, how much of a link is there? Also, were the going-nowhere people from the 70's in good measure puppets of some puppet master?

For one thing, neither the past nor present movements use good thinking - facts and logic.

I've already mentioned that the current movements feel like a tool - the tool of some people, of some force. And that brings me back to near where I started - all those theories.

I don't feel the same way when I read about, say, World War I. Millions of young men were caught by, and dying for, myths about patriotism. Maybe they were tools - maybe I just don't know enough. But it feels very different from what is happening now - that people are being manipulated. A swirl of theories. Perhaps someone can make sense of it all. I just think of a quote often mistakenly attributed Shakespeare: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

A general thought. Anything that lessens the legitimacy of the current movements is a good thing, as is anything that gets people to think.


Re a force that is working to take over - here's an interesting current example.
A few days ago, news came in from England: the Labor party is in danger of being taken over by what was defined as the "hard left" - thousands of newcomers wanting to take over, take the Labor Party way further toward anti-Semitism, pro-immigration, etc:

Jewish Labour Donor Accuses Hard-Left of Threats

Saturday of last week in my home town of Camborne, the Corbyn Circus rolled into town. A crowd of 2,000 disciples came from all over Cornwall to cheer and clap and worship. One after another, Momentum speakers praised ‘Jeremy’ and spoke of the hope he gave them, the socialism he would bring to Britain.

Then the mood got much darker, with each speaker declaiming their personal persecution by unnamed sources and to round it off, all but one named me as the villain who via the courts had tried to rob them of their right to have Jeremy Corbyn as the Leader of the Labour Party.

From where I stood in that evangelical crowd, I saw what we have all witnessed across Britain for a year.

A brand of politics alien to this country, defined and delivered by a divisive, aggressive holier-than-thou cadre of hard-Left socialists with no real policies to speak of, no defined social and economic objectives, just a call for the committed to take this journey with them down the Yellow Brick Road.

This was from:
'Why I Despise Jeremy Corbyn And His Nazi Stormtroopers'
by MICHAEL FOSTER, Labour Party donor and a former parliamentary candidate http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3739519/Jewish-Labour-donor-accuses-hard-Left-threats-slams-Jeremy-Corbyn-s-team-Nazi-stormtroopers.html

There's lots more on this:

"Leftists are resorting to Nazi fascist tactics in their efforts to shut down free speech about the Muslim invasion." "A new campaign called 'Stop Funding Hate' is targeting advertisers in a bid to shut down newspapers that report crime, rape, and civilization jihad committed by Muslim migrants, rather than hiding the truth from the public as the liberal media like to do."


Unraveling the mystery continues.

And now, as always all the best to all who care and dare,


August 21, 2016

PS. Major Canadian counter-jihadi, Mark Steyn, caught in this video!!
Mark Steyn - cat video
After you've seen it, if you'd like to donate:
And here's the story: senior cat left at the shelter. He soon gets very very sick, is nursed around the clock. His story is posted. Mark and partner contact the shelter. As for what happens next, you've seen it.

PPS. A reminder: there's also a fund raising drive underway for Geert Wilders - a major force for truth and against Islam. I've heard him called the bravest man in the world. He's lived for over a decade with round the clock security - but will not stop speaking out. Now he's facing a trial which could result in his going to jail before he has the chance to be elected prime minister of the Netherlands. For more information and to donate:
Geert Wilders

PPPPS. And then, just in, a short review of I Love Islam, Says Jihadi John:
Jihadi John made me laugh out loud.
Touches of Monty Python for sure, but your own work.

I Love Islam, Jihadi John

For lots more, come explore


posted Aug 8, 2016



What is happening with the West?
And what do we do,
to borrow words from Trump,
to make the West great again?
One, multi-culturalism by multiculturalism.
Two, good thinking vs the screaming PC.

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