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World Truth Summit

Making sense of things.
What's happening?
What is going on?
How do we make sense of things?

I'm writing to you because I've come across another potential explanation for what is going on. I want to share it with you, and ask you: how are you making sense of things? Also, what can help us?

First this disclaimer. I don't know if there is any validity to this explanation. But clearly most governments and the mainstream media are not on our side: effective treatments for the c-virus are widely blocked, while we're strongly pressured to accept being injected with experimental products. So I'm wondering: could this be why.

All this ties with the project I've developed - Full Flourishing. I'll come to that at the end.

Now, John Moore's explanation. The world as we know it will soon end in a day of 200-miles-per-hour wind, a shift in the poles and equator, everything underwater that is below 500-600 feet. 200 miles: 320 km. 500-600 feet: 150-180 m. When will this happen? Within a couple of years, is his best guess. Why will this happen? The orbit of the 10th planet is bringing it close to earth, as happens every 3600 years. But why the push to jab people? According to Moore, the elite want to eliminate as many of us as possible, to make it easier to control whoever is left:

If you have more knowledge about John Moore's claims (their validity or non-validity), please let me know.

Have I gone crazy, trying to make sense of things? Am I now ready to believe anything?

I do like to make sense of things. That has gotten me to do a lot of exploring, especially over the past year. Someone (or some force) keeps blocking the truth from getting out, if it's about the c-virus, the experimental products - or earlier, about Islam, climate, alternative cancer cures, etc.

About the claims. I've heard of the 10th planet before, but not the pole shift.

Maybe the scenario draws me because it awakens my long-ago fascination with end-of-the-world stories. Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids springs to mind: blindness and killer plants - triffids. Also something from Nevil Shute about after a nuclear war, on the shores of Australia.

I've done a search. On the Beach, American post-apocalyptic sci fi film, starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. It’s after a global nuclear war. Life in the northern hemisphere is gone. An American submarine crew finds temporary safety in Australia. All seems normal. But the people know they're doomed. When nuclear fallout reaches Australia, that will be it for life on earth. In the meantime, love.

I remember being riveted by that movie, and other novels and films with end-of-the-world scenarios.

The interview with John Moore brought all those feelings back. The end is coming. Cataclysm.

But, in this scenario, it's not like in On the Beach. You CAN protect yourself.

Get away from ocean front and all low-lying areas (under 500-600 feet - 150-180 m). Get away from cities. Get an underground shelter or above-ground bunker. Afterwards you will be able to come out. Almost everything will be gone.


I come back to: Nothing has been making sense for years - for decades. Huge numbers of people with a rigidly anti-democracy religious ideology have been welcomed into the West. The media has blasted out that we need to not offend them. Most recently society has been shut down for a relatively minor illness which is eminently treatable.

Is Moore's scenario what explains it? Have you explored what may be behind what is happening? If so, what's your explanation?


Whatever is happening, not taking the experimental injections is only the beginning.
They're part of something global decimating our rights and freedoms.


In the midst of these huge events, I've developed Full Flourishing.

Full Flourishing
How can it help? One: it connects people. Two: it encourages good thinking, which can help us make sense of things. Three: it encourages our moving, taking steps rather than being immobile or overwhelmed. (Link online.)

All the best to all of us,


Posted: August 5, 2021

Making sense of things.
What's happening?
What is going on?
How do we make sense of things?

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