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Book title: Thou Shalt Not Be Aware.
The book was about one silence.
Times have changed.
Mainstream indoctrination and intimidation
are now utterly different.

A title on my bookshelf jumped out at me: Thou Shalt Not be Aware. But the title means something different to me now than it did several decades ago, when I first came upon the book.
thou shalt not be aware
I remember reading the book at one sitting. The core point: we were not to be aware, if we had experienced childhood abuse. Instead we were to deny it, not just because of the message from our family, but because of the many messages from our society. I remember that the author wrote about her own childhood, where her mother, an educator, was applauded as a model mother. She also wrote about Hitler's horrible childhood, something I had been unaware of. (This does not takes away his responsibility.)

I haven't re-opened the book. But I'm very aware that now the pressures are different.

Previously we were not to trust our perceptions when it came to our families. We risked being cast out of our families if we mentioned, for instance, incestuous abuse.

Now it's generally fine to scrutinize the failings of our families.

But it's generally taboo to recognize anything that is not erdorsed by the mainstream media. We're likely to be hit by, at the very least, name-calling if we bring up recent climate research findings that are not in line with Al Gore's position. As for mentioning the reality of Islamic ideology, in that case we may well come up against, not just social media censorship, but the threat and actuality of lawfare.

Quite a shift.

Several decades ago, books like Thou Shalt Not be Aware encouraged us to become aware of repressed realities from our own childhood. Many therapists were trained to be helpful. A considerable portion of the mainstream promoted awareness.

Whom do we turn to now? We're up against the powerful mainstream media and state-funded education system, up against massive indoctrination and intimidation. And if that should not be enough, there are often ever more laws - due to most mainstream Western political parties - endangering those who dare to speak out. The laws are viewed, by millions of indoctrinated citizens, as protecting people from "hate speech."

So whom do we turn to now? We have "truth apostles" - people like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Craig Rucker, Diana West, Patrick Moore, Bill Warner, Harry Richardson. Some of these people, like Anne Marie Waters, Maxime Bernier, Gerard Batten, Geert Wilders and Tommy Robinson, are in the political arena.

My most recent contribution to help increase awareness is the Truth Summit (still in development). It will have both interviews with truth tellers and workshops:

If you're receiving this email, you'll automatically be a member (no cost). There will be 2 further membership levels, for those who want to support the project.

One further aspect of Truth Summit: a resource section to make it easy to increase awareness of what is going on worldwide.

The Holocaust against the Jews - the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis - that is known worldwide. Germany did not deny it.

Far fewer know of the Armenian holocaust. Over one million deaths of Christian Armenians by Islamics. That holocaust is still being denied by Turkey, though it is now widely acknowledged by Western governments.

I grew up never hearing about it. I was an adult having lunch with an Armenian friend, when she mentioned her father, who barely survived. What she spoke of was hard to believe - both the horror, and the general silence. I remember being utterly stunned.

And then, how many people outside India, know of the holocaust against Hindus and Sikhs by Islamics in 1947, at the time of the Partition of India? More than a million people were massacred.

I only learned about this in 2014, when interviewing Narain Kataria, a survivor. Here is the interview:
Then, for more about Narain Kataria:

How could I not know about this, I remember asking myself, when I was listening to Narain.

A couple of days ago, an email from another survivor came into my inbox:

Just this morning I shook and shuddered for a moment or two, to recall those trains that brought only mutilated bodies - men, women, children, infants, whole families, to Amritsar, India, in eerie silence, blood oozing out of compartment doors.

How lucky that my mother and siblings were not on one of those trains but on one that came through unscathed, through all those Islamic barricades! 

After a few weeks I was safe in India, minus our dad. Islam had made my mother, 34, a widow for the rest of her life.

There was much more in the email.

The resource part of the Truth Summit will include a section on India, so more people have ready access to such information.

In the meantime, here is a helpful low-key resource from the UK that I've just come across. It's a video from someone who has just spent time in pockets of traditional Britain. She loved being there. On the other hand, over and over, among these people who had almost never experienced living in a diverse area, she found a mindset rigidly in favor of increased diversity. How to make these people aware of the reality? Her video - Propaganda and the Desire to "Diversify" English Cities - is one attempt:

Two questions for you:
- What do you find most helpful, in terms of reaching others?
- And is there some resource you feel you would most need?

And with that, as always, all the best to all of us who care and do,


PS. Here's an interview on my lifelong quest:
saving the world

For lots more, come explore

posted June 23, 2019

Book title: Thou Shalt Not Be Aware.
The book was about one silence.
Times have changed.
Mainstream indoctrination and intimidation
are now utterly different.



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