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I'm writing to you because I've had one of those big eureka moments, and I want to share it with you. What's it about? The utter disconnect between the message on population from a few decades ago and now.

Here's the idea in a nutshell. A few decades ago the message was that we must stop the population explosion or the world is doomed. Now the message is, the population in the West is stable or declining, so we must import millions upon millions, or the West is doomed. No civilization, we are warned, has ever survived population decline.

The verdict. Something rotten is happening.

Here's more detail.

A few decades ago, we heard: The world is in crisis. There's a ticking time bomb. What is it? The Population Explosion!! Soon we won't have enough food and water. We're running out of resources and space!!!

Urgently needed: population control. Fewer children per family. It's irresponsible - it means doom - for people to have so many children.

Look at the world, the message went on. It took humans however long we've been around to reach a population of one billion. And now look at the population zoom upward. Two, three, four, five, six, seven billion! This must be stopped!

Everywhere I read about programs, worldwide, to lower the birth rate. Mobile vasectomy clinics in India. Birth control encouragement in Africa. China instituted a one-child policy - a horror because of the low status of females in China, leading to the murder of millions of baby girls, because the families hoped that the next child would be a boy.

In the West, the message was heard loud and clear.

Look around: many countries have a lower-than-self-renewing population rate - which, supposedly, was the goal. No famine. No epidemic. A slow population decline. Fabulous!!

But that's not what we're told now. Absolutely not.

Instead we hear the total opposite. What's happening is a horror. The West is dying!! No civilization has ever survived a less-than-self-renewing population rate. Think of the Roman Empire. That's what happened. Roman matrons refused to have many children. That caused the death of the Roman Empire.

Somehow the shenanigans of the Roman emperors - lots of murders, etc - have become irrelevant. Also irrelevant, suddenly: the invading forces Rome had to contend with. In fact, suddenly everything is irrelevant except for those Roman matrons who had only one or two children each.

What can we do to stop the death of the West? Only one thing will do, we're told: we must import masses of people. Millions upon millions.

Are these people who share the culture and/or general ideology? After all, isn't the goal to keep Western civilization going?

No. Shared culture and/or ideology are utterly irrelevant. All that matters is numbers.

Why do we need the numbers? Because there will be millions upon millions of old people needing care. So we will need lots of younger people who can do it.

But is attention given to screening for people who will be ideal care-takers of Western people too old to take care of themselves? Absolutely not. It isn't part of any criteria I've ever heard of.

In fact, as we all know, there isn't even adequate screening against people who may endanger the West through acts of jihad terrorism, let alone screening in favor of people who will be excellent care-takers of aging Western seniors.

But at least, is there lots of screening of incomers in favor of those suited for jobs that Western citizens are not numerous enough to do, or are unwilling to do?

We do have some statistics. The employment rate of immigrants and refugees from different countries and religions varies enormously (when such statistics exist). Here's what I vividly remember: the lowest employment rate, in country after country where statistics are available, is among Islamics - incomers, and also second and even third generation. In other words, Islamic incomers are likely to be draining the economy rather than adding to it. So they are, on average, making it harder for people in the West rather than being helpful to keep the West functioning. Yet they make up a huge percentage of incomers. (By the way, the unemployment rate among Korean incomers, again according to my memory, is close to 0%.)

There's more than one eureka in all this.

Eureka one: it makes no sense, when we have succeeded in doing what we were massively encouraged to do - to lower the birth rate in order to lower the population - to condemn us for doing this and to claim our civilization is doomed because of this horror.

At the very worst, if it were to be discovered that population stability or increase were beneficial even at a time of a huge human population, one would think that sending out this message powerfully to citizens would be the appropriate response.

In fact, I don't see that the West - or the world - is doomed if the population goes down. I think it makes sense to encourage smaller numbers of children, and have the population decline that way, rather than through war, famine, epidemics or government programs (like the Communist programs in Russia and China which led to the starvation of millions).

Then, eureka two. The proposed remedy is much more likely to doom the West than population decline. Having milliions of incomers whose ideology is against Western values is no way to save the West. Quite the contrary. It endangers the West.

Finally, I come to something which is not an eureka. There are clearly strong forces working against the West - like Islam and the politically correct - or no one would recommend the intake into the West of people adhering to an anti-Western ideology.

Any more thoughts on the eureka re the shift from screams of horror about the population explosion, to screams of horror about population decline? I doubt if anyone in the West had any idea about Islam when there was emphasis on birth control. I also doubt that Islamic forces were behind the emphasis.

A guess. Perhaps, instead of the lowering of the birth rate being hailed as an amazing success, it has been repackaged as doom. Who might be behind this? It could be those who are for Islamic takeover.

Anyway, this is yet another wake-up call. Something has been defined as a fatal problem (population control) when it is actually a success. And something dangerous, potentially fatal (Islamic incoming, whether as immigrants or refugees) has been sold to the West by Islamics and the politically correct as the one and only solution to something which is not a problem.

As I said, eureka.

As always, all the best to all who care and dare,




Hi Elsa, interesting thoughts. The population bomb panic started in the early 70's and tied in with hippie culture and free love and the availability of the contraceptive pill. Islamic leaders like Boumdienne started talking about the conquering of the West by demographic means at about the same time. The Euro-Arab Dialogue was set up in 1974 with a view towards a Eurabian political entity. This played a major role in facilitating the import of Muslims into Europe under conditions of non-integration. Perhaps the Muslims saw their chance with the Europeans adopting a low birth rate culture?

Greg Hamilton, England


Great post, and a great observation – illustrates how gullible we are in the West and how deeply we can be influenced by the propaganda pushed out by the HQ of our enemies.

J.N., Canada


Hello Elsa
You are an amazing writer. Keep up the work you do.😀



Here's the book that was huge in fueling the panic:
The Population Bomb - Wikipedia
The Population Bomb is a best-selling book written by Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich (who was uncredited), in 1968.

J.B., Canada


Elsa, I was born in 1938 thus am now 78 and so far as I know in excellent health. (That's chancing fate.)

The year I was born the world pop. was 3.2 billion. I believe I am right in saying it is now 8.5 billion (have not looked it up recently - too scary) and I'm still here.

WORSE still the people who can least afford children are having zillions of them.

We pay them to, in one form or another. WE ARE INSANE.

Nuff said,



Welcome to the truth!

The population decline of the West is deliberate and it a second iron in the fire - the first being immigration.

We are looking at the extirpation of the West and the extirpation of Christianity.

There is only one religion that is specifically anti-Christian.

Kind rgds



Yes Elsa,

I read with much interest your.. .ummm... post on the success of birth control repackaged as cultural suicide.

This very morning we had news that Indian students these days have been favoring higher studies in France, Germany & Ukraine in preference to UK, which was such a popular destination for University education earlier, on account of recently enacted rules on overstaying after completion of their University courses in UK. Obviously UK does not want educated immigrants. Much to the shock of these students who found their way to Germany and France... they soon found out they were no longer welcome in these countries too, in their post European Education Scenario!

Obviously Europe too, with France & Germany in particular... they do NOT need an educated and a civilized work force to supplement the absence of educated skilled man power. Nevertheless, the Jihadist is still welcome in Europe & in these countries.

Now, what could be the possible reason behind this?

R.P, India


Hi Elsa,

Had you considered these two facts, 1. Whenever we wanted to travel to the Middle East or Africa, we first had to obtain visas from the relevant embassies here. 2. We also had to have vaccinations for yellow fever, smallpox, cholera, typhoid etc. Do these migrants have to conform to these travel requirements? I guess not. Vaccinations were needed so that we did not contract those diseases, and, more important, we did not bring those diseases into this country. Well, in the event of some foul disease becoming an epidemic in the West, all of the population control problems will be solved. The lesson we learn from history is that we never learn from history!

With best wishes,
Alison Wunderland


You couldn’t be more right an ALL accounts. But you’ll never see this perspective in mainstream media. And I'm sure, as you and many others would inevitably be, that there are plenty of people in power who are abundantly aware of these same obvious facts but who refuse to acknowledge it publicly because it would jeopardize their tenuous positions amongst the elite. These solutions they propose are exactly the diametric opposite of what they hope to achieve: short term rather then long term, and even in the long term they are ineffective. The vast percentage of refugees (most of whom are economic) remain unemployed and draining the social safety nets of every country they enter. For years. Most bring nothing to the table but forks and knives. Keep spreading the truth, Elsa. As will I.

Best regards,
Dave Wichman


Elsa: You are absolutely right in your email. Our problem is that the political class in the UK and in the EU will not listen. I am passing this on.


Nice work Elsa!

GT, Canada


Elsa, you have written nothing but the truth!! Western civilization has been sold a pup when we bought into the panic caused by the disaster call "Population Explosion". Families limited their family size to two children in most cases. China went to the extreme of the One Child policy with its resulting murders of millions of female babies.

Having succeeded, we are now told that our success is a failure!! The Muslims, on the other hand, were encouraged to breed with men having multiple wives & each having as many children as they could bear. Their inability to feed them led to their schemes to export their excess population by causing wars & the idiotic West, out of their humanity, have been persuaded to open their borders & bring in these people who refuse to assimilate to the Western culture but insist on us adopting their cultures which are totally alien to ours.

This is already causing a very disturbing situation in Europe. If Trump is able to stop the same thing happening in America, maybe Canada might have a chance? What do you think of Kellie Leitch's policy of vetting immigrants for Canadian values?

Kim Khoo, Canada


Re vetting for Canadian (human rights) values. Makes sense to me.


BTW, about your question: "Who might be behind this?" My answer is the UN - now controlled by the Globalists & the Islamists.



I recently read your article about population control. I think you left out one of the most important, perhaps the most important aspect of population control. I was told in college almost sixty years ago that if the population of the U.S. continues at its present rate every person will only have one square yard to stand on in approximately forty years. Then came "the pill" and squashed that estimate. Abortion also plays a big roll in
determining population growth.

Jim Kern


Hi, Elsa,

You're on to something, and I hope you continue to develop the idea and broadcast it far and wide. Here are a couple of other eureka ideas to add:

1) An Italian recently calculated that the cost of hosting refugees is about thirty-five times the cost of keeping them in their native countries (where they can help improve the economy). See attached.

2) Recognize that couples today generally choose how many children they will have. The government and the media can help encourage larger families by: a) increasing the dependent tax deduction, b) legislating paid leave for new parents, c) providing more affordable day-care for young children, d) encouraging employers to make it easier for women to have children as well as careers, and e) celebrating the joys of children (and grandchildren).

3) With increased automation of production -- both in factories and on the farm -- there will actually be less need for grunt labor and more need for people able to operate and maintain complex automated machinery. The multiplier effect of automation far outstrips the productive contribution of manual labor.

4) We have to be cautious about "unemployment data." A large number of talented young people work for a while and then draw unemployment as long as they can before returning to work. They live frugally, but they have made that choice. There are also people who are unemployed because they refuse to move or to retrain so they can be employed. The government makes it too easy for these people. If the government responds by increasing immigration unselectively, the government is compounding the problem.

Keep working on your idea. Maybe it's time to introduce a whole new concept on population.

Louis P.


I hear the alarm bells ringing, Elsa, and the deep concern for declining non-Muslim (otherwise know as Infidel) birth rates and the Islamic invasion of Europe. It’s coming to Canada thanks to Trudeau.

Notwithstanding your reasoning for declining non-muslim birth rates, while Muslims have very healthy high rates, I have a different belief.

Putting it as simply as possible with this example: To anyone anywhere who owns a property, has one or two children, a car or two, goes on expensive vacations, and maybe owns a boat, ask why only one or two children. The answer you will receive will be, “We can’t afford any more”.

In other words, it’s increasing affluence that makes the good life possible and children can be counter productive.

Birth rates are high in the poorer nations and as people become educated, gain experience and money, so they too will have fewer children.

Speaking only of Canada, here in Cornwall, we see Muslim women sometimes without the male, with at least four, often more children and statistics indicate they are on the way to eight.

In the case of Muslims, Islam (Quran and Sharia) rules, and women can be abused and used as the male wishes!

In fairness this is not unique or exclusive to Muslims, women are abused in many countries and have many children, particularly in Africa in the poorer regions.

As I see it, we, the developed nations, should stop giving food aid and teach the poorer nations how to work and develop their country. We should be supplying farm machinery and seed, along with education. As wealth increases very slowly there will be less screwing (excuse) more doing, and lower birth rates in those nations.

Imagine what a difference it would have made if the USA had dropped machines, tractors and food parcels in Iraq in 2003 instead of bombs. You get the point.

The Islamic war will never end. It's been waging for fourteen hundred years. It’s a battle between Shia and Sunni who disagree to the point of killing each other. We should not be involved in this kind of war today - as in Syria and Iraq for example, there is no peaceful solution. More have died because of USA and Allied intervention than died under the respective dictators. Does that make sense?

It’s all about Oil of course.

Likewise, it is unlikely there will, or can be, a peaceful solution between Israel and so called Palestine. The Muslims hate the Jews (see the Koran) and say no more, you know the rest.

Then, I believe the sudden mass exodus of Muslims in 2015 (literally over a million) from Africa, as well as Syria and Iraq, was Hijrah - highly organised by IS (so called Islamic State). To attest to this assertion consider, Muslims are barely in the country than they build Mosques and Madrasas (how they get the permits so easily I don’t understand) and they use our laws against us to abolish Canadian values and traditions.

In my opinion it is part of the big plan to spread Muslims (hijrah - Islam) around the globe, at least to the Western World for now. You may have noticed the males especially didn’t look like people who had been trudging for miles without support so where did the it come from? Many of the young men had iPhones, or Smart Phones, what? People running from a war can afford to have smart phones and who paid for the service en route? This again is pure speculation on my part but I believe the phones, internet, was provided to the so called refugees by IS to be able to maintain contact with IS from whom they would get money and orders. I know this is highly imaginative but it makes one think doesn’t it? It could be investigated but then anyone checking would be called a racist, bigot, Islamophobic of course and it could be dangerous.

Elsa, best wishes and I hope you might be able to dig deeper into the problem of decreasing birth rates of Infidels, and very much increasing rates of Muslims and Islam.

Roll on Friday, and God Bless Donald Trump.

T.M., Canada


The west responded with a 1.2 births per couple to try to keep the population down. That actually was a good thing because of our decline at the time in economics. We needed to economize until the GDP would right itself, except that the GDP actually got much worse despite the pollsters and government saying it was getting better.

The message by the progressives was that the planet is overpopulated to we in the west had to show the world how to reduce population growth. In Canada we have 45 million people and that growth has been spurred on by the Liberals through immigration. The sad sack idiots run around and say we should bring in people who share our Canadian values. That's a laugh because new immigrants come from Shariah driven, dictatorships, Fascist, Communist and socialist countries whose people don't share values with us. I actually laughed at the Conservative leader hopeful for her idiotic ideology. Only Canadians share our values, but not all of them. We need to reduce our population because GDP and lack of business in Canada are at an all time low. The only growth in jobs is the part-time sector for fast food business, that and government thinks of more ways to spend our money.

For instance,the government decided they needed a maintenance enforcement branch to ensure that Dad's paid their child debts to Mom. How this worked is that for every dollar taken in in payments for child support the government was paying out something like $25. That's because workers in the government program are unionized, well paid and extra pensioned. In fact, it might work out to more than $25 per dollar taken in. We all know how government works.

Let's not overlook the fact the we are now paying Carbon Taxes, whether we like it or not, and that's going to be a new government department along the same lines as maintenance enforcement. Another unionized government department that will take in a dollar for every $25+ dollars spent. These programs were meant for one real purpose. That purpose was so that our government could now say has thousands of employees across Canada in every province, thus reducing the number of people out of work.

Then some fool in the government decides to allow even more immigration and our out of work goes back up to large portions 10-15% unemployed. If that's not bad enough the government now has a quota program whereby companies must hire certain percentages of minorities at the expense of non-minority - usually Canadian - workers. That's right! Companies are forced to lay off Canadian workers so they can hire foreign and new immigrant workers who fit as minority. Syncrude, IOL and other companies are told they must hire Somalis, Syrians, and other Muslim workers, but in order to do it the companies have to lay off Canadian workers. When Canadian workers grumble the government is appalled that companies are laying off Canadians, but it's their policies that forced this. It's a shitty little game they play. Government usually ends up making deals with companies that will pay a large portion of the minorities wages at the same time as they force the companies to take in immigrant workers. Then the government plays innocent.

We've seen this before back in the 1970-1980's under the Pierre E. Trudeau government.

Population in the world needs to decline in places like China, Islamic countries, South America, Africa, Asia, Russia, America and Australia. There are far too many people on the planet. Try thinking in terms of wheat production. Farms and arable land are becoming smaller all the time as cities grow bigger and need more land. Cities require more water from lakes, streams and rivers. Sewage plants require to grown bigger, utility companies need to generate more power and grow larger power grids. Farming requires a lot of land to grow food products no matter what products they are. Grain farmers can only use 1/3 of their land to grow crops and the rest of the land must remain fallow. After five years the farmer has to use another section of land and leave the other fallow for five years in order to make the land arable. This is called crop-rotation. Without crop-rotation we would eventually work out the land to the point where it becomes worthless. You look at the United Kingdom for instance where there is virtually no farming and the UK cannot sustain itself in food production. They take in millions and millions more people because of the socialist idiots who run the country. What does a socialist know about growing a tomato? Absolutely nothing. How do we expect such idiots to understand food production for millions of people takes a lot of land, at least 2/3's of it must remain fallow, while 1/3 is used to grow food. Without the UK taking in food from other countries they would starve in a matter of weeks. Every country needs to sustain itself in food production. Every country needs to sustain itself on its own power grids. The majority of countries in the EU would starve without food production from other countries, like the Ukraine. The EU cannot sustain itself without oil and gas from the Middle East. Without power everything electronic stops, without power food cannot sustain itself for more than one week, without food every nation starves.

Here's the real deal about Globalization. The west thinks it can control its own destiny by controlling the destiny of other nations. But as we have seen without warfare countries like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and OPEC could shut every western nation within weeks. America, Russia and Canada would survive this onslaught because we just kick in more food production, more power generation, more manufacturing, more mining and so on. We can survive. But the rest of the world will die a slow and agonizing death, even China now needs more food production and power distribution, oil & gas. But China is living on captured money from making all those luxury goods that the west lives on. We could conceivably just go back to making our own clothes and everything else, but eventually even our resources will run out. It's only a matter of time until we see ourselves in a situation where we will have so many new mouths to feed we will not be able to feed them. When really bad things happen the socialist crawl under rocks and wait for the really intelligent people to get us back on track. Socialists have created every war since the US Civil War. Social-justice stupidity has been with us for far too long.

It's true though that one day we will hit the magical number on the planet and we will not be able to sustain human life here. That's about 32 billion people. Where there is no available land except arable land for them to settle on. One day this magic number will set off the war to end all wars, it will be disastrous to our planet, especially after Obama just gave Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, ISIS the right to build or use nuclear weapons. That was just part of his Islamist agenda along with emaciating the economic picture of America for decades to come. America is now in a $21 Trillion dollar debt structure that it can never pay off in a hundred lifetimes and all because too many people in America have been geared toward social-justice. If I keep writing this will become a book instead of an essay.

L.J. Middleton, Canada



One thing is clear: the topic of population change is a huge hot one.

More to come.



posted Jan 15, 2017



Population Explosion Eureka.
Explosion Stopped in the West.
But success now defined as
Disaster, Ruin,
Death of the West.
What is this???

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