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Antifa = Anti-Fact Fascists,
Politically Correct = present-day Holocaust Deniers.
The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

The words, "the truth shall set you free," have been going through my head once again. It's not, for the most part, that the truths need to be discovered. Untruths are blocking the way. My image: a house that is in shambles because of what is piled up all around.

Where would I like to shed some light?
- how incredibly important we are to freedom and human rights;
- the Declaration of Peaceful Intent;
- the coming Freedom Community site;
- a definition of Antifa;
- the dangers of teachings like those of Neale Donald Walsh, who wrote Conversations with God and who could be considered a present-day Nazi and Holocaust-denier;
- the truth about people who believe they are "downloading" from an external source.

At the end, several fabulous videos from a favorite truth-teller: Stefan Molyneux.

It's appropriate that, just now, it's Hanukkah, festival of lights. We need to shine the light of truth, use it to help us clear the mountains of debris.

Hanukkah cancles
So Happy Hanukkah. Soon, all the best on the Winter Solstice. And right after, Merry Christmas. Most of all, Happy Holidaying with whatever pro-flourishing tradition you enjoy.

Advent candles

That brings me to how incredibly important we - the people on the side of human freedoms - are to human flourishing. I want to celebrate us and our many efforts. We are, in my mind, candles lighting the darkness, shedding light on the dangers around us, dangers to our being able to flourish. I don't want to even imagine the world without us, with the politically correct and Islamics unopposed.

Re the term, flourishing, it's from Aristotle. 2500 years ago, he explored what humans need to flourish. When I came across the word years ago, I loved it. It felt so right. I've come to use it as kind of a touchstone: does this (whatever it is) encourage our flourishing, or lessen it, stop it even?

One tool to increase flourishing, to increase the amount of truth that is seen, is the Declaration of Peaceful Intent. Within a week, a final version will exist for the major world religions. It will not surprise you that adherents of these religions, except for Islam, will have an easy time signing the declaration. In the meantime, you can see the first declarations here:

Another tool to help our flourishing is the Freedom Community. As Facebook is snuffing out ever more voices that tell truths unwelcome to the politically correct and Islam, we need a place of our own. You will be able to register next time. I'll also be announcing the official launch. Speakers to be announced.

(The launch was to be now, but it's been flu season.)

Also important for shedding light is accurate naming. Right now, we have powerful forces mis-naming, denigrating. Words like bigot and extreme right wing are used to attempt to bury the truth of who we are and what we're saying.

Here is one truthful naming: Antifa = Anti-Fact Fascists. Why that definition? At their core, they refuse to acknowledge anything they disagree with. In other words, they are fundamentally anti-factual. As for defining them as fascist: core to fascism is the forcible suppression of dissent. That is certainly core to Antifa - see them any time they appear, violent against dissent. That means, of course, that they also suppress their own potential dissent, notably by shutting out information which could go against their non-factual beliefs. For a powerful image:
The image is also on Facebook, if you'd like to share it:

I'm going to end with someone I've written about recently, Neale Donald Walsch, someone who has been heard by 20-25 MILLION people. Why his popularity? My guess is that it's because his books, starting with Conversations with God, tell the politically correct exactly what they want to hear (politically correct "truths"). For evidence that Walsch was not reporting Conversations with God:

Thinking about him some more, it came to mind that he could be called a "Holocaust denier" - in his case a denier of the looming Holocaust, the coming destruction of the West heralded by a whole slew of Islamic voices, speaking core Islamic ideology. For a powerful image:

Does it make sense to see Walsch so negatively? After all, he's such a nicety-nice. I think it does. I could even go further, see him as a present-day equivalent of a Nazi. No, Walsch has never allied himself with Nazis. But Nazism, at its core, is anti-factual. So is the ideology of Walsch and the rest of the politically correct. Then, many of the Nazis were ordinary citizens, just like the politically correct. And just like the politically correct, they were caught in mass delusions. Nazi delusions included the innate evil of Jews and the innate inferiority of non-Aryans. Politically correct delusions include the non-danger of Islam, the existence of Israeli apartheid, Israeli villainy to the poor Palestinians, anti-Zionism (BDS, etc) masking anti-Semitism, the rightness of coercion to silence opposition, the evil of walls and borders, the good of systems like Communism which are innately totalitarian. Yes, the politically correct delusions are a little different from Nazi delusions - but there are some striking similarities, plus politically correct delusions are at least equally dangerous.

Walsch, by the way, doesn't much matter. What matters is that he's popular because of the millions upon millions who agree with him - the politically correct, the New Agers.

Before going on to a fabulous truth-teller, here's a bit of truth about people (like Walsch) who believe they are "downloading" from an external source. It's from Steven Kotler, an author who has written a lot about flow states. When people get deeply caught up in doing something (like writing), then a part of the brain often shuts down, the part that makes us self-aware. Afterwards people may wonder, where did all those hours go? or, where did all the inspiration come from? Some people, like Walsch, may (mistakenly) believe they were "downloading."

And now, Stefan Molyneux, a truth-teller - what a relief. The truth about Marx, for instance. I figured out (as others have before me) 2 fatal flaws of Communism (http://elsasblog.com/161218-fatal-flaw-of-communism-and-mainstream-silence.html) But I had no idea what an utter monster Marx was, as an individual:

As for Che Guevara, check out the many many unsavory truths about him - like his love of murdering:

Thank you, Stefan.

Lots more available from him, including an excellent analysis of the Fall of Rome, with loads of modern parallels:

It's been a pleasure discovering Stefan Molyneux's videos. Informative and stimulating. Enjoy!

All the best to all who care and dare and do,


PS. For a bit of the current level of danger, here are 2 contrasting sentences. OUTRAGE OF THE DAY. I did a search to see if this was fake. No Snopes, etc, indication this is fake. A VANDAL was sentenced to 15 YEARS for breaking windows and leaving bacon in a MOSQUE. The biggest outrage: the news item just before was about a 2-time Muslim sexual assaulter who was awarded 110,000 pounds because the judge held he was held in prison too long because his country of origin refused to take him back. I say: a 15 year (minimum) sentence to BOTH JUDGES!! THE QUESTION, OF COURSE: HOW DO WE GET THAT TO HAPPEN - BECAUSE HAPPEN IT MUST!! http://www.sun-sentinel.com/mosque-vandal-sentenced-20171206-story.html

PPS. For lots more ideas, videos and more, come explore:

And for more ways to connect:
Facebook - WorldTruthSummit:



Antifa = Anti-Fact Fascists,
Politically Correct =
present-day Holocaust Deniers.
The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

posted Dec 15, 2017



Antifa = Anti-Fact Fascists,
Politically Correct =
present-day Holocaust Deniers.
The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

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