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I'm writing to you because now there's even more to the Big BUT System.

In case you missed the previous send-out, the Big BUT System is the blocking of negative information about Islam with a BUT.

I started by writing The Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam:

However, it soon became apparent that the majority of people respond to everything negative about Islam with a BUT.
- BUT Islam is only 1400 years old; think of Christianity 600 years ago.
- BUT think of the Crusades.
- BUT there's good and bad in all religions.
- BUT that's hate speech.
- BUT that's Islamophobia.
- BUT it's all a matter of interpretation.
- BUT I know a nice Muslim.

The longer I looked, the more BUTs I found. More important, though, is for us to recognize that we're up against a system - something unnatural, constructed.

The goals of the Big BUT System: to give great answers to the individual BUTs, and also to make the system visible, instead of letting it operate in stealth, another form of stealth jihad.

Here are a couple of reader responses:

Very well done, no buts about it. :-)
          Bill Warner of Political Islam

Excellent logic, but wow what a battle it all is.
          R.B., Cheltenham, England

More responses, plus the e-book:

Big BUT System
By the way, most of us BUT lots of things away - for instance, "I'd love to do that, BUT . . ." The difference with the Big BUT System is that, the more you explore it, the more you see it's unnatural.

As always, all the best to all who care and dare,


October 30, 2016

PS. I think you will love this argument against penalizing Islamophobia:
The portmanteau fallacy 'Islamophobia' is self-refuting. Since 'Islam' (the first part) is a political ideology, it doesn't fit with 'phobia'. One cannot ban or prosecute a mental illness! Will arachnophobia be banned next?
Kenneth Roberts, personal communication

Note: Roberts continued with an argument many of us are familiar with:
Furthermore, criticism of a political ideology (Islam) is political science, not psychiatry, and it cannot be considered as hatred directed towards or fear of a person to criticize a political ideology.



posted October 30, 2016



The Big BUT System:
The Strategy that Blocks People
from Seeing Islam.
Plus good caring
vs politically correct demands.

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