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How to get proof of peaceful intent?
Here: Declarations of Peaceful Intent.

I'm writing to you today because 3 friends got together and solved a big problem: how can we tell which Muslims truly have a peaceful intent? We've all heard that the violence done in the name of Islam by Islamics has nothing to do with Islam. If we point to passages in the Quran calling for the murder of those defined as infidels, we're told that there are at least as many violent passages in the Old Testament.

But there's no proof of anything. It's just words.

So how can we prove anything?

The 3 friends - Harry Richardson, Keith Piper and someone who prefers to stay nameless - created 2 Declarations of Peaceful Intent, one for Muslims and one for Christians and Jews. They've even tested the Declarations, with a Muslim, and with a Christian. Both tests were videotaped.

The project is very simple. One downloads, prints, and asks Islamics to sign the Declaration. Everything is right here:

Declaration of Peaceful Intent
Today, in addition to the Declaration, you have 3 videos:
- an interview with Harry Richardson, one of the creators;
- and the videos of the first Muslim and the first Christian asked to sign.

The Muslim, by the way, is a self-declared moderate, very active in interfaith work and in a de-radicalization project. So one might imagine he would be very ready to sign. The Christian is a long-time minister - in other words, well versed in the Bible, including the violent passages.

Does the Muslim sign? NO! Watch him refuse to sign, over and over and over again.

Does the Christian sign? YES! Quickly, easily, gladly. And he explains clearly why it is natural for hiim to do this.

You can see the videos here, at the bottom of the page:

There's more - a request that you take part in this quest to establish who does and who doesn't have peaceful intent.

If someone asks you, why the Declarations? The goal is to establish - prove or disprove - whether the the mainstream is correct, that most Islamics have peaceful intent. That is an extremely important project - urgent, even, given the number of Islamics in the West.

So again, please take part. 

Please download and print the Declarations, and take them to people you know - especially Muslims. Also, could you please, if possible, videotape (just use your smart phones) and post the responses.

Finally, please send scans or photos (again, just use your smart phone) of signed Declarations. Names will not be posted. But the results will be posted.

Again, here is everything:

This is just the beginning, by the way.

Next will be a webinar with 2 of the creators of the Declaration of Peaceful Intent. Stay tuned!

All the best to all of us who care and dare,


PS. You may notice that, at the top of the page, there's now a DONATE button. It links to a page on why you might donate, including a 2-minute video. Whether or not you might consider donating, I'd love you to watch the video and look at the page - there has been so much ongoing exploration:

PPPS. For lots more ideas, videos and more, come explore:

And for more ways to connect:
Facebook - WorldTruthSummit:



How to get proof of peaceful intent?
Here: Declarations of Peaceful Intent.

posted Nov 22, 2017



How to get proof of peaceful intent?
Here: Declarations of Peaceful Intent.

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