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World Truth Summit

April 3, I learned a life-changing fact.
It changed everything for me.
By the end of May, more facts ā€“
about Covid-19, the lockdowns,
and a dangerous ban.

We're all aware of the huge changes around us. A virus. Lockdowns. Masks.

I want to talk about what I see as most important in all this.

On April 3, I watched a video, learned a fact. That changed everything for me.

The fact. An American doctor claimed to have treated almost 500 people with Covid - with zero deaths, only 4 hospitalizations, zero intubations.

I was on the lookout for what could protect me. Like: build up your immunity with Vitamin C and D.

But what if I did get Covid?

I did some research. The person was legit.

More facts.

Toward the end of April, the doctor, Dr Zelenko, had treated almost 1000 people. One death ā€“ someone with leukemia.

Toward the end of May, he had treated almost 1500 people. Two deaths. (No link - because the interview with these stats has been removed from Youtube for violating community standards.)

Expected deaths per 1000, given his patient population: 20 to 40.

So, about a 95% reduction in fatalities.

Well, if there were a 95% cut in fatalities from the virus (which already had a mortality rate barely higher than the flu), there would be absolutely no way of justifying a lockdown.

I will come to the treatment, HCQ - and to 5 other treatment options.

But first, another fact.

As many of us know, the treatment - inexpensive, and for over 6 decades used by millions of people for other health issues - was banned in many Western countries. In Canada, doctors could lose their licenses for prescribing it, even for the health issues for which it had long been prescribed. Only people already getting the medication could continue receiving it.

At the same time, Canada - like so many other countries - was in an economy-destroying lockdown.

What was going on? Why this banning?

What's my conclusion? I've long known: to see the intent of something, check the effect. In other words, often what happens is what is intended to happen. And what is happening is an economy-destroying lockdown, as well as a rise in other health issues, from depression to addiction to suicide.

Next question. Anyone who likes detective novels knows this question. If we're trying to figure out whodunnit, it's very helpful to ask: Who benefits?

In this case, who benefits from the lockdown? It isn't the owners of the millions of small businesses destroyed by the lockdown. It isn't most people - starting with vulnerable people trapped in residences where fatalities have been rampant, and where, even if the residents survived, they were isolated from family and care-givers and often not taken care of for days.

Who benefits? You'd think it couldn't be the political leaders - unless someone is pulling their strings, and it benefits them to go along.

I'll stop there for now.

Something nasty is clearly going on.

Why write? Maybe together we can more effectively counteract the nastiness.

And now, some fabulous facts:
- 6 treatment options (aside from the drugs currently in development),
- the best overview of the situation I have found,
- and what I saw as Question #1 from very early on.

And finally, yet another question. When the US president got the virus, why didn't he take HCQ? Here's the answer, from the morning after he went into hospital:

REPORTER (on the morning after the president going into the hospital): Has hydroxychloroquine been considered as a viable treatment option for the president?

CONLEY (Dr. Sean Conley, physician to the president): We discussed it. He asked about it. He's not on it now.

The friend who gave me this information is a doctor. She said that "He asked about it. He's not on it now" is doctor-speak for "He asked for it. His request was refused."

Luckily, the treatment he was given, a drug in development, worked excellently for him.

Other thoughts are surging in me - like about what has happened in France - namely, the beheading - and what, at best, that could lead to. And of course there is that major election in the States.

Looking forward to connecting more.

All the best to all of us, doing our best in this not-easy times,

In the meantime, all the best to all of us,


PS. What happened, so there has been this long time of not sending? The biggest obstacle: technology. My old sending method was less and less effective. Ever more people were not receiving. The most popular alternatives (like Mailchimp) were not really viable. They are cutting off more and more people, if we send stuff they don't approve of. Most, the change in technology was supposed to be fairly easy: get one of the apps where one is in control, have someone install it on a cloud server. I encountered unexpected pitfalls: hiring someone to install, hiring someone else, hiring a third and now fourth time. I found this very daunting. Plus there was the challenge of learning to use the app. I kept running out of steam. I was out of my league. But all should be settled very soon. And now, happy to be reconnecting

posted November 1, 2020

April 3, I learned a life-changing fact.
It changed everything for me.
By the end of May, more facts ā€“
about Covid-19, the lockdowns,
and a dangerous ban.

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