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Top wellness products.
For the best chance of good health, lifelong well-being,
Without wellness, it's so much harder to do all we want.

Health, wellness, lifelong well-being - those are lifelong passions of mine. Recently I was talking with a new friend who wanted to grow her business. I'd known that for a couple of months. Finally I asked her: what was her business? Isagenix. I talked with her, with a few of her friends, and did research. The more I learned, including by looking at the peer-reviewed studies, the more I was impressed and enthusiastic.

What is Isagenix? High nutrition plus cleansing. Most people who turn to it have major health issues. My friend, after going to a naturopath for 20 years, was still suffering from ongoing fatigue and horrible debilitating headaches, plus she was developing increasing joint stiffness. All that is gone.

So far in my life I've been incredibly lucky. But I look at my mother: major heart issues, major heart-related memory issues, horrible headaches, pain often everywhere. I'm already doing what I can - a daily "memory dessert," a daily energy routine, walks with the dog. As much as possible, I want to stack the cards in my favor - like by getting rid of visceral fat which may be accumulating around the organs - very bad for the heart.

I'm going to give a few stories, largely about people dealing with major problems.

I'll start with the history of the company. Isagenix got started through one man using a lifetime of expertise to get his health back.

John Anderson had made his living, and had become very wealthy, through formulating over 2,300 supplements for over 600 companies in 27 countries from 1980 1999. Then he retired. 

A year before that, 1998, everything had changed. He was bitten by an extremely poisonous spider - a brown recluse spider. He had nine surgeries and was in the hospital for more than a month. He lost the vision in one eye, and started losing it in the other. His kidneys were severely damaged. He needed a kidney transplant. His life was in danger. 

John regained health to a point, so he could travel and do more research. To try to fully regain health, he turned to his lifetime of experience. There was a difference. When he was formulating for companies, he had to pay attention to cost. Now there were no compromises. The goal was creating products that worked as well as possible. Isagenix isn't one ingredient - it's 300 ingredients that all work together synergistically.

It's now 20 years after the spider bite. John sees with both eyes. He's glowingly healthy

If you already know you're interested in taking a look:
Wellness Emporium

My verdict: It's a great line of products. Quality. Cellular cleansing. Highly nourishing.

If you are interested or have questions,
please contact:
contact Elsaor
contact KristinNote: this is .net (not .com).

Here are more stories, from people I talked with. My friend, Kristin Hummel, has had loads of health challenges. In her early twenties, she was so weak from an autoimmune illness that she could barely walk, sometimes needed a wheelchair. Twenty years of going to a naturopath helped a lot. But she still had a long way to go. Then four and a half years ago, she bumped into a long-time friend. The friend introduced her to Isagenix. Goodbye tiredness, goodbye headaches, goodbye joint stiffness.

Bonnie Richards has been with Isagenix for 15 years, since 6 weeks after the company was launched. She almost immediately dropped 35 pounds of stubborn fat, that she hadn't been able to budge. She also felt better than ever. The weight hasn't come back. Now in her mid-sixties, she feels better than in her twenties.

Jana Szabo just started with Isagenix 3 weeks ago. She has a long-time commitment to organic local food and supplements, but felt something was lacking. What Isagenix offers is more complete than anything she's come across. She's already feeling a difference, including more emotionally balanced. Also, she had to run for something, and did not end up short of breath. Very surprising.

Kaytilynn Roque, a single mother on a tight budget, orders Isagenix products for her hyperactive son as well as herself. With Isagenix bars (candy for him), he's much more inquisitive, patient, interested and focused. She moved about a year ago, and wasn't able to afford the Isagenix products for a few months. The difference was dramatic.

A final story. Robert Rochholz, Kristen's husband, is missing a ruptured disc (L5). He lived with intense nerve pain for 6 years. Kristin was used to seeing him grip the kitchen counter because of the pain. He and Kristin tried a vegan diet for 2 years, but he lost so much muscle mass and the back pain continued. Not long after Kristin started with Isagenix, he became willing to try. He started mid October 2013. By the end of January 2014, many of his health challenges had completely resolved themselves.

In March 2014, Robert started going to the gym which had been impossible for him since his back injury. He is stronger and more able to work his landscaping business than 10 or 15 years ago. Some days he is on his knees moving thousands of pounds of rock by hand laying stone work. His recovery time is amazing and he doesn't miss a day!  

Kristen is forever grateful to have a food system that is easy and convenient to follow, and that brought back the husband she fell in love with.

Again, if getting healthier and lifelong wellness interest you, take a look - including at the research findings:
Wellness Emporium

If you're interested in my lifelong interest in the many facets of wellness - healthy body, inner well-being, societal wellbeing - you can take a look here:
Wellness Emporium - about Elsa

And here is info about Kristin, who got me started on this quest:
Wellness Emporium - about Kristin

Again, if you are interested or have questions,
please contact:
contact Elsaor
contact KristinNote: this is .net (not .com).

And now, all the best to all who care and dare,


PS. Why bother with Isagenix? In addition to its being a great product line, you're probably aware that counter-jihad activities are not the best way to make a fortune. Will something develop with Isagenix? I hope so. Excellent product line.

PPS. Alternate universes. Most of you have had the experience of walking into alternate universes - perhaps never more than around Islam. I wonder: could talking about this possibly be a way to reach people who don't see Islam as a threat - like most of the people with alternative health approaches.

I live in an alternate universe. I see your universe. I walk in it. But everything there is kind of not quite solid. And you, when you see me, see me either as one of yours, if you don't know I'm from an alternate universe, or you tend to brush away what I say. You may get angry. Most, you keep out what I say. For me, it's like I'm behind a glass wall.

I used to live in your universe. One day a doorway opened up - an opening. I went through. At first, I just went a small distance in, looked around a bit. Everything was solid in this alternate universe. I could touch things, turn them over - except what rotten things came out when I did that.

More and more, the 2 universes came together. The new universe, and at the same time, the one I had lived in. But the old one was no longer solid. There were openings everywhere to the new one, the solid one.

Sometimes I try to reach you. I often feel like a ghost must feel, when it tries to reach the people it once knew. See me, see what I'm seeing. Look.

My thought: maybe I'll try this approach with people who don't see Islam as dangerous.

PPPS. I did recently come across a posting for a position. The organization had an annual budget of 2.5 million, just for education. The first qualification: the person needed to see only the radical version of Islam as a problem. Oops! Exploring Islam has led many of us to the conclusion that there are problems inherent in Islam.

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posted March 25, 2018

Top wellness products.
For the best chance of good health, lifelong well-being,
Without wellness, it's so much harder to do all we want.



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